Duration: 1 day(s)
Course Code: XLL5
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Microsoft Excel Level 5
VBA Programming Introduction

Course Aims

This Microsoft Excel Level 5 VBA Programming course is aimed at people who wish to make a start at learning the Excel VBA programming language, familiarising themselves with the concepts and practice of VBA programming, and understanding and using the relevant techniques.

Course Prerequisites

Students who wish to attend this course need to have significant experience and ability at understanding and using Excel advanced functionality.  This programme is quite demanding and requires a high level of commitment from participants.

Course Objectives

On completion of this Excel training course delegates will be able to:

  • Use the Macro Recorder
  • Understand how VBA code is stored and how to access it using the Visual Basic Editor
  • Launch the Visual Basic Editor and use it to manage module sheets and code
  • Get macros to run via shortcut keys, menus and buttons
  • Write simple sub procedures with frequently used Excel objects, methods and properties
  • Create decision-making code
  • Use the Do and While loop to repeat the execution of code
  • Use simple variables to store and return information in a sub procedure

Course Content

Recording Macros

  • What is a macro?
  • Recording a Macro
  • Running a Macro
  • Saving a Workbook Containing a Macro
  • Opening a Workbook Containing a Macro
  • Saving the Personal Macro Workbook

The Visual Basic Editor

  • Launching the Visual Basic Editor
  • Navigating the Visual Basic Editor
  • Finding a Macro in the Visual Basic Editor
  • Inserting a Module into a Workbook
  • Copying a Module between Workbooks
  • Renaming a Module Sheet
  • Deleting a Module Sheet

Assigning Macros

  • Running a Macro with Shortcut Keys
  • Adding Custom Buttons to Run a Macro
  • Removing Custom Buttons
  • Creating and Editing a Worksheet Macro Button


Writing Procedures

  • Frequently Used Excel Objects (Range, WorkSheets, WorkBooks)
  • Methods and Properties
  • Adding Arguments to Methods
  • Selection or ActiveCell?
  • The With ... End With Block
  • The Offset Property
  • Dealing with a Runtime Error

Control Structures

  • The If - Then Control Structure
  • The If – Then - Else Control Structure
  • Using ElseIf in a Control Structure
  • The Select Case Control Structure
  • Using a Do - Loop Statement

Data Variables

  • What are Data Variables?
  • Creating Data Variables and Assigning Values


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What previous delegates have said about our Excel Level 5 - Intro to VBA course


"Very enjoyable and well presented. Relaxed but professional. Steve seemed very patient and knowledgable" 


"I was very impressed with the trainer. He is clear in his teaching and takes things at the correct pace, with excellent explanations."


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