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Course Code: XL07L2
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Microsoft Excel 2007 Level 2

Course Aims

This course is aimed at people who want expand their basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel to work with larger spreadsheets and workbooks, create charts and manage tables of data.

Course Pre-requisites

Students who wish to attend this course must have a basic knowledge of Excel 2007 and feel comfortable with creating, saving, editing and formatting spreadsheets and creating simple formulas and functions.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Manage and enhance large worksheets

  • Create formulas across multiple worksheets

  • Copying formats and values across multiple worksheets

  • Copy and link information across multiple workbooks

  • Consolidating data by Category and Position

  • Represent data graphically using charts

  • Understand the concepts of creating and modifying databases

  • Sort lists and filter information

Course Content

Using Large Excel Worksheets

  • Increasing & Decreasing the Magnification

  • Changing Range Magnification, Full Screen View, Splitting the Window, Freezing the Panes & Unfreezing the Panes

Working with Multiple Worksheets

  • Navigating between, Selecting, Renaming Worksheets
  • Selecting Multiple Worksheets
  • Colouring Worksheet Tabs
  • Copying & Moving Worksheets & Data Between Worksheets
  • Using Grouped Worksheets
  • Creating 3-D Formulas
  • Using 3-D Ranges in Functions

Using Multiple Workbooks

  • Opening, Tiling Open & Activating Workbooks
  • Copying Data Between Workbooks
  • Saving & Opening a Workspace
  • Linking Workbooks

Using Paste Special

  • Working with Paste Special
  • Copying Values & Formulas between Worksheets
  • Performing Mathematical Operations

Consolidating Worksheets

  • Consolidating By Category & Position
Working with Comments

  • Insert, Edit, Show/hide, Print, Delete

Creating Charts

  • Creating, Moving, Resizing, Printing & Deleting Charts
  • Formatting Chart Objects & Data Series
  • Creating User-Defined Charts
  • Changing the Data Source; Editing Text/Axis Titles
  • Removing/Adding Axes Labels; Adding Data Labels & Tables
  • Using a Secondary Axis & Adding a Trendline
  • Data Chart in a cell

Working with Databases

  • Creating & Modifying a Database
  • Working with the Data Form
  • Creating an Excel Table

Analysing Data

  • Sorting Lists
  • Sorting Records By Multiple Fields
  • Using Auto-filter

Appendix - Adding Graphics to a Worksheet

  • Drawing and Formatting Objects
  • SmartArt

Action planning

Review of Programme


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