We were founded in Windsor in 1981 and quickly earned a reputation as being an agile responsive learning, development and training provider.

Many large organisations benefitted from our approach to delivering high quality learning. This resulted in us receiving enquiries to deliver our services to many large clients, enabling us to quickly establish an enviable list of clients. Many we are proud to still serve today.

Our success and reputation has been built from our ability to attract, retain and develop the very best course designers, facilitators and expert consultants. This ensures we are able to give our clients the very best experience that meets their needs.

Recent investment has been made in two new Centres of Excellence in Bracknell, Berkshire and London City and with further investment in people, technology and infrastructure will see us set to meet future market needs.

Today we are owned by the Key Group. With 50 years experience in innovating large scale organisational and workforce performance improvement solutions we have a combined strength of 250 people who are set to deliver today and into the future.




We understand and recognise that the world is changing. New approaches to designing and delivering learning to meet the needs of modern organisations and employees is our primary focus.

Our philosphy is simple - ask clients what they want and establish what they need, then work hard to deliver a level of experience and service that will ensure they are delighted.

Our solutions are designed to give you the ability to provide your people with a learning experience that will drive performance today while preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.