Training Needs Analysis

What is Training Needs Analysis (TNA)?

Training Needs Analysis also sometimes referred to as a 'TNA' is the process of identifying the gap in employee training and related training needs.

To achieve real return on learning and development investment, it is important to find out where there are gaps in the existing skills, knowledge and attitudes of employees. It involves compiling a picture of employees’ capabilities as well as organisational demands for skills and is informed by business strategy.

Training Needs Analysis can be conducted at three levels:

  • Organisation
  • Team
  • Individual


The above three levels are linked and performing a TNA at each level will ensure that the needs of the organisation are identified whilst taking into consideration individual learning needs.

WWP have worked with a number of high profile organisations to assist with conducting TNA's at all three levels to ensure that all training is as relevant and effective as possible.

Whether you need professional guidance in developing an Organisation level TNA or simply would like to identify which Excel level is best suited for an individual we are here to help.